3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Bedroom


Your master bedroom should be the coziest room in your home! If you’re not happy with your current setup, take these three steps to transform your space into a serene retreat!



Add an area rug. There is something magical about the power of a fabulous rug when it comes to transforming a space! We recommend at least an 8x10 rug for a queen size bed and at least a 9x12 for a king.



Switch up your lighting. Soft lighting is a must in a bedroom! For reading light, be sure the overhead fixture and table lamps provide adequate brightness. Select lamps with taller bases and wider shades to ensure light falls where it’s needed.



Layer on the bedding. A beautiful bed starts with layers! Linens and pillows are a great way to add texture and color to your space. Start with sheets and comforters that provide your desired level of warmth and then pile on the accent pillows, blankets, and quilts as an added design element. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to mix pattern!

Tiffany Hinton